As a school with a futuristic vision and a zeal to provide students the "REAL" education, we at Akshara International School designed a curriculum that is fun and helps one test oneself with a holistic understanding of the subject. The curriculum is not rigid and structured. At Akshara "REAL" education means - Reasoning, Experimental and Analytical Learning.
We have shunned the 'learning by rut' form of education and have embraced the modern techniques of conceptual learning to make academics interesting and challenging for our our students. Akshara relies on constructivism rather than instructionism. We emphasize on analytical and concept-based teaching. At Akshara, we encourage and appreciate children asking questions and applying the knowledge thus making teaching sessions interactive. Akshara adopts internationally standardized teaching methodologies for delivering conceptual and better education to students. "TST" method i.e. "Tell, Show and Teach" technique is used to deliver the concept directly into the minds, helping them assimilate it better and deliver international competence in them
Our Path
Right Education > Right Understanding > Right Orientation > Right Planning > Right Career
We adopt various teaching programs like:
MAP: Modular Approach to Physics
CoLoS: Conceptual Learning of Science
ABACUS style of learning maths
"Play-way" method for teaching kids
ABCCL: activity based comprehensive conceptual learning
Our Way
The way we break ruts and make students:
Understand the significance and meaning of concept
Be self-motivated
Identify who is at risk for problems (Observe)
"Identify problems when they occur (Deduce)
Know what to do (Respond)
Gain problem-solving capacity
Prioritize goals

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